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Is that a good neighborhood? Would you live there?

The DC area certainly is no different from what Jennifer describes here for her Upstate New York neighborhoods: We get these questions all the time, and there's no right or wrong answer for them. There are fair housing laws on the one hand, and confused buyers on the other. It might seem that we don't want to help. But that's not so - we can still help you help yourself and point you in the right direction to find the answers that are right for you.  


What is the neighborhood like?

Real estate professional get asked all sorts of questions.  When someome contact you to assist with the purchase of a home you might be asked : Is xxx a good neighborhood?

The fact is, real estate agents are not allowed to comment as to whether a neighborhood is good or bad, that is the law.  However we can provide you with reports or websites for you to do your research and draw conclusion about a particular neighborhood.

Buying a home is a big decision and you want to make sure where ever you decided to buy a home  it turn out to be the right decision


 Other ways to find out what a neighborhood is like 

In addition to giving you a community report and websites for you to research here are other suggestions


  • If you want to know about a neighborhood it would make sense to talk to people living in the neighborhood , so ask people in a coffee shop or neighborhood store and you will get the good, bad and ugly.
  •   What is the condition of the homes in the neighborhood?are they being cared for? the landscaping and exterior of the homes will provide the answer.
  •   Make sure todrive through the neighborhood several times, and at different time of day. In the morning when people are going to work and the school bus comes through, midday, then again when the neighbors are returning from work and then at night.
  • You will also want to check on transportation, closeness to the train, bus and highway.
  • What type of amenities can you find, parks, theaters, restaurants etc.
  • Check for traffic and noise level
  • Location of fire station, hospital, police and school.
  • Consider your work location, is the neighborhood commutable?
  • You will also want to know about any potential environmental issues environment issues
  • I would suggestion if you have school age children that you pay a visit to the school. You should also stop at the Town Hall where you can get many useful pamphlets. If there is a Chamber of Commerce you should also stop by.
  • By talking to the neighbors you will discover if their are people who share your interest maybe for golfing or fishing.
  • A big concern will be for child care, is it easy to find child care services?
  • Sometimes there is an extended family, how about senior services?

The time spent researching a neighborhood will be well worth it because you will have a good idea if the neighborhood will meet your needs.

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Catarina - Thanks for the reblog.  This is a question asked anywhere real estate is conducted.

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