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Kissing the House Good-Bye

Oh, the euphoriaKiss House Good-Bye I felt!  And that feeling of accomplishment and pride! 

In the early days of my real estate career, each settlement was great cause for celebration, not just on behalf of my clients, and not just because it was payday, often after many months of work.  There was a sense of having helped, having sacrificed time and sanity for a good cause, and having successfully maneuvered the cliffs and hurdles that presented themselves over the course of the transaction.  Most of the time, the parties were happy and cheerful when they walked away from the settlement table.

Now, ten years later, they're still happy most of the time.  The technicalities are more routine now, and many of the last minute issues have repeated themselves over and over again.  There's less tension, and it's a lot easier. 

But I've seen pain, tears and anger at closings as well.  Residential real estate transaction are rarely just about business. 

And more and more, I feel a bittersweet component.  Sometimes, I've grown close to the clients and feel I will miss their daily emails or phone calls.  Sometimes, I've fallen in love with the house and feel I will miss its beauty and all the little quirks and secrets I discovered while "taking care" of it.

The hundred-st kiss is never quite like the first, right?  This doesn't mean it's bad -- just different.  A little more familiar, and a little more in the knowledge that time doesn't stand still.

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Comment balloon 8 commentsCatarina Bannier • June 26 2011 02:50PM


Yes I miss my clients and know except for a few emails and notes, I will not see them again. It is not all about business. Plus I get attached to my houses. I usually nickname them so even though I am glad they are sold, I miss the house too. Crazy I know!

Posted by Kristin Hamilton CA Realtor, (909) 557-6966- Specialize 55+ Communties Banning (Sun Lakes Realty) about 8 years ago

Hi Kristin--it's so nice that you say that!  Sometimes I do feel a little crazy... and I feel that some of my colleagues have no idea.

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) about 8 years ago

Hi Catarina,  Love the photo..there are a few that I've closed that I still have nightmares


Posted by Tara Stone, NJ Estates and Stables (eXp Realty) about 8 years ago

Amen-after a few hundred calls/emails there's a certain void or a bit of bitter sweet feeling after a closing. After 20 yrs later it's  there still there. Best.

Posted by Adrian Willanger, Profit from my two decades of experience (206 909-7536 about 8 years ago

Tara, yes, there certainly are those ones, too!  But over time, the pain lessens and they tend to turn into those entertaining tales you can share with other agents... or even with your clients.  :-)

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) about 8 years ago

Adrian, the good ones often turn into friends for life.  I see that as a perk of the profession.

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) about 8 years ago

One more for Tara:  thanks for the compliment on the picture.  I must have too much time to play!  Ingredients:  1 old photo, 2 free iPad apps, 1 piece of paper, lipstick...  Lots of fun.

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) about 8 years ago
pHi Joyce,/ppI actually roeamd over to your blog via a twitter post from OC Restaurant Week and read your bio./ppI found it interesting that you are an RN and now work in real estate. My educational background is in Computer Programming. I worked at a sub-prime mortgage company for 3 years after college (please don't blame me, I was only in the Loan Servicing Department / IT guy). While I was there I got really interested in the business and had always wanted to get into it, but then the market crashed and the company closed down./ppAfter that job I got my current job as a Database Programmer. Although I like my work I find myself with plenty of free time after 5 and on the weekedns and not as much income as I would like./ppWhat are your opinions on part time real estate careers? I know when I was looking for a home, I always made appointments after the usual 8 hour work day. It this something I can do after 5pm? I don't know the difference between an agent, broker, etc. Where should I start in terms of training and getting license, etc./ppYour guidance would be greatly appreciated./ppMike./p
Posted by Diao over 7 years ago