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Help! We'll Have To Put The Hoop In The Contract!!

This week, my colleague Bonnie Lewin and I listed the house that belongs to my neighbors, almost across the street.  It's a fabulous and very unique home designed by Travis Price, a well-known DC area architect.  It's nestled against DC's Rock Creek Park, has lots of "green" features and walls of windows and an indoor pool that overlook amazing Japanese-style landscaping.  (Check out these pictures from the architect's own website.)

So, all in all this is very exciting. 

But then, it's also a wee bit sad.

It's sad because Joanne and Barry have been the greatest asset to the neighborhood. They have opened their home for so many parties, community meetings and discussions like no others have.  Their huge living room has been the site of political debate, Neighborhood Watch assemblies, large annual Halloween parties and concerts.  Yet, they have never dominated or "ruled' anything; they have always been the gracious, warm-hearted facilitators.  In short, they will be missed a terrible lot.

My kids have their own reasons to be upset.  My teenager worries that the new owners might not let the kids on the block use their hoop (which is generally perceived to be the best in the neighborhood) or the long, wide driveway that slopes just enough to make rip-sticking a little more fun.  My 10-year old and her friends worry that the new owner won't allow then to watch the tadpoles in their koi ponds grow into toads next year.  And my youngest is worried there will no longer be any spooky Halloween bash in the woods (and equally scary amounts of candy to get sick from).

What am I to do about this?  Prevent the sale?  Certainly not! 

After thorough consideration, the best solution seems to be to record some neighborhood easements (for ball play and wheels in the front and nature-watching on the decks in the back of the house) as well as some serious obligations the new property owners will have to accept.  Pretty simple.

Now it's just my job to find those new people.


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Comment balloon 6 commentsCatarina Bannier • January 13 2011 09:59PM


That is a fabulous looking house and it is hard to see good neighbors go.  Kuddos to you for making sure some of the "current uses" of the home become permanent. Hope you get some more great neighbors!!

Posted by Diane Lipps, Broker "Lake Ray Hubbard Real Estate" (DA Rock of Homes - Broker/Owner/REALTOR (469-879-1301)) over 9 years ago

Cati, you know I love this house!  And I will do my best to find you new neighbors who will be kid friendly and with parents who pass the fun test! 

Posted by Patricia Kennedy, Home in the Capital (Redfin) over 9 years ago

Diane -- thanks so much!  And I'll try my best...

Oh, and, I had forgotten to actually link to Price's website.  Check out those nighttime pictures, they're pretty cool.

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) over 9 years ago

Pat -- please!!  (And I promise I'll submit it as an AR success story if you sell the house!)

Posted by Catarina Bannier, DC Real Estate The Smart And Fun Way (Compass) over 9 years ago

Catarina- just looked at the additional pics - awesome!

Posted by Diane Lipps, Broker "Lake Ray Hubbard Real Estate" (DA Rock of Homes - Broker/Owner/REALTOR (469-879-1301)) over 9 years ago
pHi Joyce,/ppI alatucly roamed over to your blog via a twitter post from OC Restaurant Week and read your bio./ppI found it interesting that you are an RN and now work in real estate. My educational background is in Computer Programming. I worked at a sub-prime mortgage company for 3 years after college (please don't blame me, I was only in the Loan Servicing Department / IT guy). While I was there I got really interested in the business and had always wanted to get into it, but then the market crashed and the company closed down./ppAfter that job I got my current job as a Database Programmer. Although I like my work I find myself with plenty of free time after 5 and on the weekedns and not as much income as I would like./ppWhat are your opinions on part time real estate careers? I know when I was looking for a home, I always made appointments after the usual 8 hour work day. It this something I can do after 5pm? I don't know the difference between an agent, broker, etc. Where should I start in terms of training and getting license, etc./ppYour guidance would be greatly appreciated./ppMike./p
Posted by Ajay over 8 years ago